Thursday, September 16

US issues new alert for “security threats” at Kabul airport



The US Embassy in Afghanistan has issued a new alert for «security threats“At the Kabul airport and has urged to leave the place” immediately “and” avoid the gates “, as he did in a warning prior to the attack last Thursday in the vicinity of the airfield.

«Due to security threats in the kabul airport, we continue to advise American citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and to avoid the gates, “the Embassy recommended in a statement on its website.

He has also urged people at the Abbey, North and New Ministry of Interior gates to leave the areas «immediately«.

This alert, in which he demands to be «watch out for large crowds“Among other recommendations, it is similar to the one published last Wednesday before the attack on Thursday at the gates of the airfield that has left at least 170 dead and has been claimed by the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP).

The threat of the moment in Afghanistan, regardless of the Taliban who have seized power, is these days the Islamic State affiliate, whom Washington has also identified as the perpetrator of the attack and has promised to prosecute.

After the attack, the US intelligence has warned that there is a risk of new attacks by this group, while several countries have already put end your evacuation missions and others hurry looking towards August 31, the deadline for the withdrawal of international troops.

Various countries, such as France, have assured that they will maintain contacts with the Taliban so that they guarantee the exit from Afghanistan of people at risk, collaborators and allies, after the withdrawal.

Meanwhile, the situation at the airfield is chaotic with thousands of afghans with visa crowding in the desperate approaches to leave the country and despite the danger of new attacks.

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