Saturday, October 1

US launches airstrikes in Syria against Iran-backed groups

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, ordered to carry out precision attacks in the Syrian town of Deir al Zur against groups based in the area that are backed by the Iranian regime, according to the Central Command of the US Armed Forces ( USCENTCOM) in a statement.

“Under the direction of President Biden, US military forces carried out (on Tuesday) precision air strikes in Deir al Zur, Syria,” states the note signed by Colonel Joe Buccino, who stressed that there were no casualties.

The “precision strikes are intended to defend and protect US forces from attacks like those on August 15 against US personnel by Iranian-backed groups,” USCENTCOM added.

It has also clarified that the United States targets specific infrastructure facilities used by groups affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. According to Buccino, the attacks were necessary to protect and defend US personnel. “The United States took deliberate and proportionate steps aimed at limiting the risk of escalation and minimizing the risk of casualties,” he said.

“The president (Biden) ordered these attacks (…) to protect and defend US personnel by interrupting or dissuading attacks by groups backed by Iran,” said the military man before clarifying that Washington “does not seek conflict, but will continue to take the necessary steps to defend itself.”

Buccino further told CNN that the United States targeted a group of bunkers used for ammunition storage and logistical support by Iranian-backed groups in Syria. The US military extensively monitored a total of 13 bunkers at the same complex, according to Buccino, spending more than 400 hours of surveillance.

But the attack targeted 11 of the bunkers, as the United States could not be sure whether the other two bunkers were clear of people, Buccino said. Shortly before CENTCOM carried out the attack, the military pushed back those two more bunkers due to a small group of people nearby, according to official information.