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US Launches Drone Strike Against Islamic State Target And Issues New Alert For “Threats” At Kabul Airport

US military forces carried out a drone attack on an Islamic State target in Afghanistan on Friday, a day after the suicide bombing at the Kabul airport that killed dozens, including 13 US soldiers.

End of international evacuations leaves tens of thousands of people behind: “How can you say ‘mission accomplished’?”

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The spokesman for the US Central Command (CENTCOM), Captain Bill Urban, has reported in a statement that the action took place in Nangarhar province, in the east of the Central Asian country. The attack was directed against a member of the Islamic State of Khorasan who, according to the United States, planned activities of the group, without having specified if it is related to the attack on Thursday. “The first indications are that we killed the target. We do not know of civilian casualties,” according to Urban.

Islamic State of Khorasan – also known as ISIS-K – is the Afghan branch of IS and claimed responsibility for Thursday’s action against the airfield in the Afghan capital.

The US Embassy in Afghanistan has issued a new alert for “security threats” at the Kabul airport and has urged to leave the place “immediately” and “avoid the doors”, as it did in a warning prior to the attack last Thursday in the vicinity of the airfield.

The Pentagon reported this Friday that the Kabul airport was the target of the attack by a suicide bomber and not by two, as had initially been reported. Some 170 people lost their lives and another 150 were injured, sources close to the Taliban told Efe in Kabul; while the Pentagon has reported the death of 13 US soldiers and 18 wounded.

Joe Biden promised retaliation after the attack

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, promised revenge on Thursday against the authors of the attack, to whom he assured that he will persecute them and make them pay for the attacks.

The United States remained on high alert this Friday because it has information on “credible threats” against its troops in Afghanistan, although it will continue with its plans to complete the evacuation and withdrawal of its troops from that country by August 31.

Washington has already evacuated 109,200 people since Aug. 14, a day before the Taliban took Kabul after seizing control of almost all of the Afghan provinces, according to a White House official.

The official confirmed that 4,200 people had been evacuated from the Afghan capital on this day.

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