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US launches plan to install 500,000 charging stations | Digital Trends Spanish

The administration of President Joe Biden launched its plan to install 500,000 chargers for electric cars across the United States. The plan contemplates a total investment of $7,500 million dollars, of which, $5,000 million are already available.

The objective of the plan is to favor the adoption of electric cars under the logic that if consumers see electric stations in their communities, then they will choose to buy an electric car.

According to the federal government, the United States currently has about 100,000 charging points. Ideally, there should be a charging station every 50 miles. Comparatively, it is estimated that in the US there is a gas station every 1.5 miles.

Nowadays, a survey conducted by YouGov analytics for the magazine Forbes indicates that 22.9 percent of American consumers are willing to buy an electric vehicle; in contrast, 44.9 percent continue to prefer cars with an internal combustion engine.

One of the things that stands in the way of adopting electric cars is the perception that installing a charger at home is expensive, or that there are not enough public spaces to charge the car battery.

President Biden’s plan seeks to change this perception by favoring the installation of chargers for electric cars. The figure of 500,000 public charging centers is expected to end in 2030.

White House officials said the program will also “create well-paying jobs that will help develop the middle class.”

They also stressed that the installation of more charging centers “will help decarbonize the economy.”

The resources allocated to the construction of charging stations are part of President Biden’s ambitious infrastructure plan, which includes spending $1.2 trillion on infrastructure projects.

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