Sunday, September 19

US leaves more than 200,000 Afghans at risk of retaliation

The Joe Biden’s decision to keep August 31 as the deadline for the complete withdrawal from Afghanistan means that the United States will not evacuate all the civilians threatened by having collaborated with the American armed forces in the two decades of military mission.

This contradicts Biden’s promise on July 8, when he said to these threatened civilians in a speech from the White House: “There is a home for you in the United States if you want it, and we will be on your side as as you were of ours ».

The truth is that since then EUSA extracted nearly 90,000 people from Afghanistan, prioritizing US citizens, but humanitarian organizations

They estimate that there are 300,000 Afghans at risk from having worked for the US military in the past 20 years.

The White House spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, He said yesterday that he hopes the Taliban will cooperate “and allow those who want to leave Afghanistan after August 31 to continue to leave.” Islamists have already started cutting off access to the airport and have threatened to prevent departures.

The latest data provided yesterday by the White House is that in a space of 24 hours, between August 24 and 25, 19,000 people were evacuated from the Kabul airport in 90 military flights, 42 of them operated with heavy military transport aircraft. US C-17 and medium-heavy C-130 and 48 other aircraft from allied countries.

Since August 15, when the Taliban regained power, the US has evacuated 82,300 people on that airlift. And since the end of July, when Biden announced the August 31 deadline, nearly 90,000 people have left Afghanistan. The Pentagon estimates that one flight with refugees and asylum seekers leaves Kabul every 39 minutes.

Americans evacuated

The US diplomatic chief Antony Blinken, He clarified that before the withdrawal began there were 6,000 US citizens in Afghanistan, of which 4,500 have already been extracted. In the past 24 hours, the US had located another 500 whom it had given directions to leave the country. About 1,000 remain. Blinken said that “some may choose not to leave, others may have said they are American, but they are not.” The secretary affirmed that the situation is volatile, and is reassessed daily.

As reported by the Pentagon yesterday, before August 31, it expects to have evacuated 100,000 people from Afghanistan, combining American and Afghan citizens. The humanitarian organization International Rescue Committee He assures, after analyzing the official figures, that since 2001 more than 300,000 Afghan civilians have helped the US armed forces and therefore have the right to apply for a special type of visa as asylees. At the moment, 34,500 people have received this visa and the majority are outside of Afghanistan. Another 20,000 applicants remain who have not received a response. Now, if they manage to leave their country, they will have to wait for a bureaucratic decision in a third country.

Since Biden authorized the pullback in May, 240,000 Afghans have been internally displaced before the push of the Taliban guerrilla, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Before, there were already 3.5 million internally displaced persons inside Afghanistan, one of the highest numbers on the planet. Half of the country’s population was in need of humanitarian assistance in early 2021, according to UNHCR.

According David Milliband, who was British Foreign Minister between 2007 and 2010 and who today chairs the International Rescue Committee, “Afghanistan is facing a double crisis right now, a visible crisis, of thousands of people trying to leave the country from Kabul, and a Invisible crisis of millions of people throughout the country dependent on humanitarian aid, who will also not be able to leave the country.

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