Friday, October 7

US, Mexico and other countries announce plan to stop migrant smuggling

Ambassadors and immigration authorities of Guatemala, Ecuador, the United States, Honduras, Mexico and the Dominican Republic announced the creation of the Immediate Action Group against the network of human traffickers, responsible for the tragedy in Chiapas.

The countries of the region, at the proposal of Guatemala, announce the creation of the Immediate Action Group against networks of human traffickers responsible for the tragedy in Chiapas to investigate, identify, learn and bring to justice the members and commanders of the transnational criminal organization responsible for this human tragedy “, quoted the Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, during a press conference.

The measure is taken after the accident that involved a trailer transporting migrants and that claimed the lives of about 55 people and left dozens more injured. when it capsized in southern Mexico. Most of the victims were Guatemalan and Mexican authorities say they were transported by human traffickers.

The Foreign Minister of Mexico explained that as part of the actions of group cEach country will undertake the investigation of its territory on who mobilized the migrants and “in addition to the existing legal cooperation tools, a mechanism will be established to exchange information in a fluid and direct manner,” he quoted.

Ebrard also added that the care of the injured was and would continue to be “priority in the next few hours ”for the authorities.

The representatives of the countries that participated in the joint meeting to take action After the incident occurred, they condemned in a press release what they consider “criminal activities of international networks of human traffickers.”

“It is unacceptable that the multinational traffic network (…) Are responsible for the loss of human life, we have the commitment and so we make it known today (Friday) to apply the law against those who are responsible in addition to attacking in a coordinated way to attack human trafficking in all its manifestations ”, They stated in the document.

The document also indicates that all the countries of the region, especially Guatemala, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Honduras, They are working in a coordinated way so that the victims and their families receive all the consular support they require.

Voice of America (VOA)