Wednesday, March 22

US officials warn of the danger of AirTags | Digital Trends Spanish

As reported by the source media, in recent months there has been an avalanche of complaints in the United States of women who have been harassed by strangers using one of these devices. Unbeknownst to them, the stalkers slipped an AirTag into their bags or hid one in their cars before the women left a public place.

AirTags use Apple’s Find My network so a nearby iPhone or iPad can pick up their signals and transmit them along with the location of the detecting device. The owner of the AirTag receives a notification about where the device is.

Apple has recognized that its trackers could be misused, which is why it has modified the devices and the Find My network to prevent abuse. In addition, it has recently released a new usage guide for these tracking devices, after increasing criticism and concern around the safety of AirTags.