Sunday, January 16

US Raises Alarms: “Venezuela Rushes to a Failed State”

Correspondent in Washington



The new report on terrorist activities international diplomatic corps highlights the grave danger that the chavismo It involves the entire American continent and beyond for having created “a permissive environment for terrorist groups, including dissidents from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the National Liberation Army (ELN), and Hizbollah sympathizers.”

Since the 1980s, by law, the State Department publishes a list of the main terrorist threats, detailed by country, for the consideration of the Capitol and the Executive. Apart from the jihadist threats, the new report, which analyzes the terrorist patterns of 2020, highlights the destabilizing role of the regime of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, both outside and within the country.

This is the first report of the Administration of Joe Biden.

This document states that “the illegitimate Maduro regime allows and tolerates the use of its territory by terrorist organizations. Much of Venezuela is not governed, is undergoverned or is poorly governed. He adds that “on occasions, the regime has openly welcomed the terrorist presence in its territory.”

The report highlights that in 2020, the interim president Juan Guaidó and the opposition National Assembly condemned the regime’s complicity with the THE N and the dissidents of the FARC. In November, the National Assembly passed a resolution declaring the Special Action Force, set up by the regime, as a terrorist organization for its extrajudicial executions within Venezuela.

Venezuela runs the risk, says this report, of becoming a “failed state” due to the confrontation between these terrorist factions. “Given the growing scarcity of resources, there was a greater confrontation between the ELN, the FARC dissidents and government forces controlled by the regime,” the report said.

It also states EE.UU. that the “illegitimate Maduro regime”, which controls the judiciary, uses false accusations of terrorism to “repress dissent and oppress the political opposition and civil society.” In 2020, for example, Guaidó’s uncle and several commissioners of the interim government and deputies of the National Assembly aligned with the opposition were charged with terrorism, without evidence. In June, the regime took legal action to declare the political party Voluntad Popular, one of the main opposition parties, a “terrorist organization”, without evidence.

What is certain, according to the US, is that prominent members of the Maduro regime and the Armed Forces maintain close financial ties with dissidents from the FARC, the ELN and Venezuelan paramilitary groups.


The report considers alarming the activity of the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah, a satellite of Iran, in the American continent. Global terrorist organizations, including the Daesh, Al Qaida Y Hezbollah, have a limited presence or small groups of supporters in the region that include groups of national or local orientation, such as the National Liberation Army (ELN), the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and dissidents in Colombia and the Shining Path in Peru. ».

The report also states that Hezbollah maintains strong activity in the American continent, “including fundraising by its supporters and financiers in the region.”

“Hezbollah supporters generate funding through legal and illegal activities and donate indeterminate amounts to Hezbollah in Lebanon, which uses the funds to further its broader terrorist agenda. In recent years, Hezbollah sympathizers and members have been identified in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Panama and the United States, ”the report states.

In January 2020, the Government of Colombia fully adopted the US lists and the European Union of terrorist groups, including Hezbollah.

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