Monday, December 5

US seizes R$1 billion in bitcoin and returns Sony

The US Department of Justice announced this Monday (20) he managed to recover an amount of 3,879 bitcoins, equivalent to 1 billion reais. This amount was allegedly embezzled from Sony by a former employee of the company.

The alleged diversion would have taken place in fiat currency, dollars, and then converted to bitcoin. What is striking is that the initial amount was 154 million dollars, but after the conversion, this amount rose to 180 million.

Now the accused, Rei Ishii, will face his trial in Japan for embezzlement. Sony has not released any notes on the case, although it has worked with authorities.

FBI led investigations

According to a report, the seizure of funds was only possible thanks to the expert work of the FBI, the US investigation agency, which, with the help of Citibank, Sony itself and Japanese authorities, managed not only to track financial movements but also to apprehend the key. that gave access to such a fortune.

“It is our intention to return the stolen money to the victim of this audacious theft, and today’s action helps us to do that,”

“This case is an example of the incredible work of Japanese FBI agents and police officers, who teamed up to track down this virtual money. Criminals should take note: you cannot rely on cyptocurrencies to hide your ill-gotten gains from the authorities. The United States coordinates extensively with its international partners to prevent crime and recover stolen funds.”, said Randy Grossman, US Attorney

In view of the above statement, it is clear that cryptocurrencies are not a good option for criminals, after all, all transactions and balances can be consulted publicly, with a link between the address and its owner being enough.

For now, Rei Ishii will face trial in Japan, where he has already been accused of embezzlement. Despite this, the US Department of Justice has not provided further details on the sentence he will be required to serve.

US government is learning billions in cryptocurrencies

The IRS reported that it has learned $3.5 billion ($20 billion) in 2021, and the government plans to increase that number next year. Making it clear that he has his eye on the evolution of money.

Among the cases recorded are some deviations, such as the one mentioned above. The biggest example was the recovery of 69,000 BTC from the Silk Road case, where two government agents had diverted the amount, which was not worth so much in 2013, into their own pockets.

In addition to the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service, the CIA – the US intelligence agency, also reported that it is extremely involved with cryptocurrencies. That is, this pressure will make fewer criminals see advantages in using cryptocurrencies.