Thursday, January 27

US Senate confirms appointment of Cindy McCain as new ambassador to FAO

The United States Senate has confirmed the appointment of Cindy McCain as the country’s new ambassador to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

McCain, widow of the republican senator John McCain, It is a great ally for the president, Joe Biden. Her appointment has been confirmed almost four months after the president elected her to the position, according to information from the CNN television network.

After hearing the decision of the Senate, the new ambassador to the FAO has confirmed through his Twitter account that “it is official.”

Choosing McCain highlights Biden’s intention to govern in a more bipartisan way and sends a clear signal to Republicans to show greater support for the Democratic Party.

McCain endorsed Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign against the former president Donald Trump considering that the now tenant of the White House He was the right person to “unite the country.”

This same Tuesday, the Senate has also confirmed the nomination of the Republican senator Jeff Flake as American Ambassador to Turkey.