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US senators harshly criticize Borrell for giving legitimacy to Maduro’s elections




The decision of the European Union (EU) to send an electoral observation mission to the regional and municipal elections of November 21 in Venezuela, after long years of absence, has caused deep annoyance in Washington. So much so that two influential senators, members of the powerful Senate Foreign Committee, have denounced that Brussels is thus launching itself to help a cornered and lacking legitimacy regime.

As they say in a letter, the Republican senators Marco Rubio and Jim Risch are “deeply concerned about the EU’s decision to send a mission to observe the fraudulent regional and local elections by Maduro’s narco-dictatorship in November. As both say in the communiqué, “the regime continues to use the same tactics and methods to commit egregious human rights abuses, which since 2014 the investigators appointed by the UN have determined are crimes against humanity.

Borrell, noted

The Spanish Josep Borrell, the EU foreign officer, said on Wednesday that the mission was sent in “response to an invitation from the Venezuelan National Electoral Council.” That mission will be led by the Portuguese Social Democratic MEP Isabel Santos. In the official note, Borrell says: «An unprecedented electoral process will take place, with the concurrence of the majority of the political forces for the first time in recent years, to elect more than 3,000 regional and municipal representatives in Venezuela. The EU team, he adds, “will carry out an independent technical assessment of all aspects of the electoral process and will propose recommendations to improve future elections.”

In EE.UU., both Democrats and Republicans consider the Venezuelan dictatorship illegitimate, and do not usually recognize the elections as valid, even if the opposition is presented to them, because they do not meet the minimum requirements of transparency and fairness. That the EU now lends itself to observing them, something that Russia, Turkey and Iran did in last year’s elections, gives oxygen to the regime in its strategy of perpetuating itself in power, as interpreted by Senators Rubio and Risch.

“The EU gives credibility to a corrupt regime”

According to both of them, “it is no secret to anyone that the National Electoral Council – which will once again supervise the false elections of the regime – was created through an illegitimate and manipulated process. By sending an observation mission to Venezuela, the EU is giving international credibility to the corrupt regime Maduro and will only prolong the dictator’s authoritarian control over the people of Venezuela.

«All who are genuinely concerned for the freedom and well-being of Venezuelans must stand firm in his support of interim President Guaidó and the National Assembly, who were democratically elected in 2015 to resolve the crisis in Venezuela through presidential and legislative elections, “he adds.

However, the main factions opposed to the Chavista regime intend to present candidates in the November elections. The so-called Unitary Platform, which includes the sector led by Juan Guaidó, said he will attend, although he thinks you are “It will not be a fair or conventional election”.

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