Friday, January 28

US successfully tests Boeing’s MQ-25, the first drone to be operational on its aircraft carriers




The future is already present. The US Navy has completed its initial demonstration phase to equip its aircraft carriers with drones. Specifically the MQ-25 the Boeing whose maneuverability was successfully tested aboard the aircraft carrier George HW Bush (CVN-77).

The main task of this aircraft will be to allow the in-flight refueling of F-35 fighters aboard US aircraft carriers, which will expand the range and operational capacity of the fixed wing embarked on this type of vessel.

Once up and running, the MQ-25 demonstrator, known as T1, completed a series of test points that evaluated functionality and capabilities. handling system capabilities of the platform during day and night operations.

The maneuvers included taxiing and parking in the flight deck, connecting with the catapult, and clearing the landing area.

It should be remembered that the Boeing MQ-25 already carried out its first in-flight refueling with an F-35 fighter last September.

Maneuvers of the Boeing MQ-25 drone, on the deck of the aircraft carrier – US NAVY

“Data related to deck movement and wind impacts on deck were collected to monitor controllability and propulsion system,” the US Navy reported in a statement.

“There is no better way to determine the success of a carrier aircraft design and its integration into the air wing we have to put that new plane to sea trials, “said Captain Chad Reed, director of the Carrier Unmanned Aviation Program.

“I am extremely proud of our team for the stellar execution of the engine and aircraft tests, as well as the approaches they have made. It is an exciting time as we move towards the air wing of the future, ”he continued.

The MQ-25 will be eThe first operational drone aboard an aircraft carrier and is an integral part of the future aircraft carrier air wing.

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