Saturday, September 25

US Supreme Court refuses to suspend Texas anti-abortion law

The Supreme Court of the United States has rejected this Thursday to block the controversial law that prohibits abortion from six weeks of gestation that came into force in Texas and has left it standing thanks to the majority of conservative magistrates. The decision, released this morning, has resulted in an adjusted result of 5-4 and supposes the rejection of the urgent request presented by clinics in that state to block the law.

Chief Justice John Roberts has joined the progressive minority but it wasn’t enough given the conservative majority. The measure means that abortion is practically banned in Texas, since it does not even contemplate exceptions in cases of incest or rape.

No other similar law that prohibits abortion after six weeks of gestation – when many women do not yet know they are pregnant – has entered into force in the United States.

In their emergency request to block the legislation, abortion clinics warned that the law “immediately and catastrophically reduces access to abortion in Texas, prohibiting care for at least 85% of patients” who require intervention by this guy in the state.

Abortion was recognized as a constitutional right in the US in 1973 thanks to the Supreme Court ruling in the “Roe v. Wade” case, which recognized that a woman can terminate her pregnancy during the first six months of pregnancy. .

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