Monday, September 25

US trade deficit grew 17.5% in November, to a record 86,535 million

El deficit in the merchandise trade of the United States (USA) with the rest of the world reached last November a record figure of $ 97,800 million (86,535 million euros), which represents an increase of 17.5% compared to the negative balance registered the previous month, according to the advance of the data published by the Department of Commerce.

In November, US exports of goods registered a monthly decline of 2.1%, up to $ 154,700 million (136,882 million euros).

On your side, merchandise imports totaled $ 252.4 billion in the penultimate month of 2021 (223,329 million euros), 4.7% more than in October.

In addition, the Commerce Department reported that wholesale inventories increased 1.2% in November, up to $ 769,900 million (681,223 million euros), while Retail inventories grew 2% to $ 616.9 billion (545,845 million euros).

The Department of Commerce will publish on January 6 the commercial data including also the evolution of the services.