Monday, November 28

USA: DeSantis and Rubio manage to be re-elected in Florida and voting continues in the west of the country

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Senator Marco Rubio, both Republicans, were winners in the midterm elections this Tuesday, according to the first projections of the American media.

The first results show an advantage for the Republicans. The electoral centers of the United States, which this Tuesday celebrate mid-term elections, had begun to close in a slow process. While the center and east began to announce the results in the western zone, they continued to vote. Faced with the first results, President Joe Biden asked voters to stay in line to cast their vote.

The first results that were known to elect senators indicate that the fiefdoms of Republicans and Democrats continue to vote the same trend as previous elections. Among them is the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, who has managed to be re-elected and, in this way, positions himself as a candidate for the Republican candidacy for the presidency of 2024.

DeSantis started as the favorite to prevail over his opponent, Democrat Charlie Crist, and according to the first projections, with more than 80% of the votes counted, he leads him 17 percentage points (58.2% over 41.2%)

Cuban-born Senator Marco Rubio, who was given a narrower lead in polls, is finally leading Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings by 14 percentage points (56.5% vs. 42.5%).

DeSantis’ resounding victory contrasts with his narrow victory four years ago, when he won the governorship by less than one percentage point, and underpins his future candidacy for the White House, as some media predict.

to do it, would enter into competition with former President Donald Trump, which is expected to formally announce next week that it will be launched in the presidential race in 2024.

The victory of Rubio, who during the campaign had more monetary funds than Demings, is seen as another sign of the inclination of the voter of this state towards the Republican Party, something that can be seen corroborated by the great differences between the senator and the governor relative to their opponents.

In another race that was seen in detail tonight, the congresswoman for the 27th district María Elvira Salazar defeated the Democrat Annette Taddeo by almost 15 percentage points (57.3% against 42.7%).

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