Wednesday, December 7

USAL students denounce “denigrating” situations of the professor who argued that Sánchez was a “traitor”

“This has not come as a surprise and it is an insignificant episode.” The Alternative Student Collective (CEA) of the University of Salamanca has not been surprised by the approach of Professor Emmanuel Antonio Jiménez Franco to his first-year students about whether Pedro Sánchez betrayed Spain by modifying sedition and embezzlement. But he has taken advantage of the teacher’s public exposure to denounce “denigrating and gruesome” situations in his classes.

“The malpractice of this professor is known by the entire USAL Law School, from students to faculty, including the current rector, Ricardo Rivero, who was previously dean of the Law School and director of the same Department in which he was finds Jiménez Franco”, stated the CEA through a statement sent to the media.

The group regrets that Jiménez Franco’s “malpractices” are not usually reported “due to the logical fear that the student recently arrived at USAL has of reprisals from a teacher.” The CEA also denounces that its Introduction to Public Administration subject is “the one with the most enrollments of the entire degree” due to the “high number of failures.”

The CEA assures that it has been alerting the USAL to Jiménez Franco’s practices for “years” and recalls that in 2018 they collected signatures against his methodology and evaluation to present a claim that the USAL received “without consequences for the teacher but for the students” . According to the union, the students “suffered reprisals”: they increased the difficulty of their exam in the extraordinary call and the following year the type of exam changed, going from written to oral.

The student association points out that, apart from the “embarrassing” title of the practice, it was posted at 9:00 p.m. with a delivery date of 1:00 p.m. the day after. “That leaves just five hours of academic hours for its completion.” In addition, the CEA insists that students “recently initiated” in the Political Science Degree “do not have sufficient tools to carry out a rigorous and academic analysis” on the possible reform of the crimes of embezzlement and sedition.

He has also shown his concern that the controversy has transcended the university environment and that this “has a negative impact” on students and that is why the CEA is going to request that a Departmental Court be the one to direct the evaluation. “We encourage first-year Political Science students to get up and start uncovering all the practices of Emmanuel Antonio Jiménez Franco,” he asserted in the statement.

The CEA has also demanded that academic freedom not be used “as a ‘shield’ to denigrate students, evaluate arbitrarily or spread reactionary ideologies based on hate.”

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