Friday, May 27

USB-C 2.1 for 240W charging is now available: this we know | Digital Trends Spanish

The new cables are now available on the market USB-C 2.1 for 240W load. the specialized site Tom’s Hardware reports than the retailer Club3D has put a the sale three wires.

This update describes the Extended Power Range (EPR) standard, which enables USB-C to support power delivery up to 240W, which is up to 48V at 5A.

This is mainly intended for higher power laptops, such as those used by gamers and designers and that escape the 100W norm.

All three Club3D cables support 240W charging, but have differences in data transfer, up to 40Gbps in the largest, and support for video output, up to 8K at 60fps, as well as length.

In relation to cell phones, until now the maximum supported is 150W, but Oppo is already preparing a launch for the 240W standard.

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