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Useful, attractive and bold – understand why the Gamecoin Floki Inu stands out from any other cryptocurrency available

The project emerged as a meme derived from Dogecoin, but it already includes the NFT game, the marketplace and various social actions; those who bought it a month ago have already doubled their equity in US $.

The most avid fans of the cryptocurrency universe around the world have already started paying attention to a new Gamecoin. And it is because the Floki Inu community is causing a stir around the planet with the launch of what could be a simple Memecoin, but which has characteristics that envy cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Axie Infinity and even giants like Bitcoin.

The euphoria is justified because, with all the fundamentals it presents, Floki Inu has exceptional upside potential. In the last month, $ FLOKI has doubled in value and the gains since July are already on the order of more than 4,100% (multiplied by 40).

The good news for Latin American investors is that all this commitment is now also taking place in Spanish. Since last week, the Floki Inu Spanish / Latin America community has a group on Telegram, where moderators are available throughout the day to answer questions from those interested, as well as a Twitter profile to highlight all events relevant in relation to cryptocurrency.

But where does Floki Inu come from and what is it?

$ FLOKI originated as one of several Dogecoin memes, inspired by the Shiba Inu dog of Elon Musk, billionaire owner of Tesla and one of the leading promoters of cryptocurrencies in the world.

As a meme alone, the coin has already demonstrated its potential in community engagement: at three months old, Floki is now the third highest-valued Memecoin on the planet, behind only Dogecoin itself and Shiba Inu.

However, the expectation of the Vikings, as the promoters and the already 140 thousand Floki Inu holders are called, is that it can surpass its predecessors in the medium term.

It turns out that the project has gotten a lot bigger than previously thought. Today, $ FLOKI is more than a Memecoin, it is a token that involves its growing community in various segments, such as games, commerce, education, healthy habits, and has the ambition to bring benefits to its holders through generating value on several fronts, not just through speculation.

Why can Gamecoins generate so much value?

Gamecoins, which are currencies or tokens that are traded on the traditional cryptocurrency market (exchange or DeFi) but related to digital games, exploded in 2021. With the success of the “Play to Earn” games, in which users they receive tokens to play with and can then exchange them for more liquid cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ether) or even fiat currencies (dollar, peso, etc.).

The model attracted a lot of people and the first game of its kind to really explode was Axie Inifinity. The demand was such that it is estimated that in the Philippines a large part of the population used gambling as a way of life.

Since people also need tokens to play, this increased demand, which involved valuations and consequently attracted investors, forming a profit snowball. AXS, which is a token in this game, for example, rose more than 24,000% in 2021 alone.

And it is in this market where Floki Inu is betting a good part of his chips. The community’s main project is the Valhalla game, which, like Axie Infinity, will be played entirely on a blockchain system. It will be based on an NFT Metaverse in which $ FLOKI will be the center of the game’s economy.

In addition to the ‘Play to Earn’ model, in which players win to participate, Valhalla will provide two key differences from the competition:

  • The game is being designed to be fun, complex, set in a Viking world, to appeal not only for the reward, but also for the actual fun.
  • Although the developers have not yet opened the full functionality, it is known that the tokens in the game can be evolved – and this will bring results for the wallets that carry Floki Inu.

More than a meme: a movement coin

Some call it memecoin for the inspiration in Elon Musk’s dog, others call it Gamecoin for Valhalla, but the truth is that no traditional label fits with Floki Inu, given the diversity of projects in which it is inserted. So much so that the “white paper” of the cryptocurrency defines it as a “movement coin”, that is, it generates changes and does not conform to the previous definitions.

In addition to gaming, for example, the global Floki community has two large projects directly related to the token: a market based on NFTs, which includes the trading of physical products, and Floki Inuversity, an educational platform focused on the universe of cryptocurrencies. .

Important partnerships are also being consolidated. There is already an agreement with Curate, a company that acts as a kind of Amazon that operates with cryptocurrencies, which already provides indications of a future marketplace. In addition, Floki collaborates with Kimball Musk, brother of Elon Musk, in his initiative “Million Gardens Movement”, a project that encourages communities to plant and consume their own food.

Apart from all the actions, Floki and his concept of movement stand out for their fantastic commitment to the community. Until now, aggressive campaigns have been carried out in the United States and Europe, with the occupation of public transport (London buses, for example), actions in large events (the Champions League match in Spain), among others.

The prospect is that the campaign will gain even more body in the United States with appearances on the country’s main television networks, such as CNN and Fox. And when something gets traction in the American market, the money that comes in is absurd …

In Latin America, Floki Inu debuted last week with the creation of an engaged community in Spanish. There are already hundreds of people interested in the disruptive potential of Floki in the group of Telegram, where moderators are available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (GMT-3) to answer questions about the cryptocurrency.

Another important communication channel is the Twitter of the Latin American community. (@FlokiInuEsp), which has analysis and reports on Floki, as well as the global impact of the community.

In addition, raffles and great events will be promoted for the Latin American community, such as the AMA (ask me anything) about the Valhalla game.

Throughout the world, although the community uses the strategy of promoting Floki as the new Dogecoin, especially due to its potential for revaluation (“lost Doge? Buy Floki”), the multiplicity of uses of $ FLOKI is also gaining prominence, which is unparalleled in the universe of cryptocurrencies.

AXS? BTC? DOGE? Why is $ FLOKI different from everything else?

One of the big questions from newcomers to the Floki community is what does it bring back to the cryptocurrency market. After all, for a good investor, an asset must have good fundamentals that make future appreciation likely.

Broadly speaking, the great differential of $ FLOKI is the concept of movement, that is, the fact that it goes through different projects (games, education, market, social actions) and continues to have a very strong community commitment. Check below what Floki Inu brings back to other cryptocurrencies on the market:

Dogecoin / Shiba Inu x Floki Inu

Despite having its origin in the same meme, Floki presents a totally different project than Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. We can say that the only common goal is to reach the market value of these memecoins and leave them behind.

In addition, $ FLOKI works with the concept of “useful meme” and diversifies its universe. Additionally, being still in an initial phase, it has a low capitalization, which allows obtaining exponential profits in the short term.


Although the AXS token is an important comparison to explain the potential of Gamecoins, it boils down to a Floki Inu feature when applied to the Valhalla game. It turns out that Floki packs a lot more than AXS, as we’ve already said.

In addition, the Vikings cryptocurrency operates on a pre-programmed ‘burnout’ scheme that generates deflation and increases the value of the coin over time, not to mention the rewards that holders receive from the commissions of each transaction in which it intervenes. Floki Inu.

Bitcoin x Floki

Although Bitcoin is the great colossus of cryptocurrencies and has recently broken its market value record, it has a significant disadvantage against $ FLOKI: its profit asymmetry.

Imagine a giant company, like the Itaú Unibanco bank (ITUB4). Valued at more than $ 40 billion, the bank would need to earn $ 20 billion, for example, for the investor’s shares to rise 50%. Now imagine the effect of $ 20 billion on a company worth $ 100 million …

The same goes for Bitcoin and Floki. As BTC is already worth more than the entire Brazilian stock market, it is very difficult for it to gain market value to the point of going up 10 or 100 times in the short term. Instead, Floki, where each crypto is sold today for fractions of a thousandth of a dollar, can explode with relatively small value in the short term.

For example: in three months, the market value of Floki Inu went from $ 0.0000018 to $ 0.00007, a multiplication of more than 40 times. Imagine the explosion if $ FLOKI starts to “cut” zeros and approaches $ 1, as some international experts already say …

Why is Floki’s arrival in Latin America so relevant?

The arrival of Floki Inu to Latin America marks a before and after for two reasons. First, it shows the aggressive expansion strategy across the community, which will help $ FLOKI to become increasingly agile and valued. In Latin America, the project is led by an agency specialized in crypto assets, but there are also education and membership actions in Asian and African countries.

On the other hand, the strong commitment to Latin America indicates the enormous potential of the Latin market, in which investors are increasingly inclined to acquire cryptocurrencies, in addition to the attention of promoters to the Latin public, creating communication and explanation channels in Spanish, made by Latinos, to clarify any type of doubt.

You can follow Floki Inu channels in Spanish:

Risk warning: The information in this content should be taken for informational purposes only, not intending under any point of view to urge the purchase / sale of cryptocurrencies.

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