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User suffers with an Apple Watch Series 7 that exploded | Digital Trends Spanish

An unusual situation was experienced by an American user of the Apple Watch Series 7since as reported by 9to5Mac, his device overheated on one day with a maximum temperature of 21 degrees and ended up exploding the next day.

Apple Watch Series 7 blows up

The Apple Watch user said he immediately called Apple Support to explain the situation. The call escalated through multiple levels of Apple’s support hierarchy, eventually finding its way to a manager who created a case for further investigation. There was no solution or advice provided after this call, just instructions not to touch the watch until I hear back from the company.

The next morning, however, the situation escalated even more. Apple Watch user woke up to find the Apple Watch even hotter to the touch and the heat had destroyed the screen of the device.

When the user picked up the Apple Watch to take photos to send to Apple, it immediately started making “crackling sounds.” Then it “exploded” just as I was throwing it out the window. The watch left burn marks on the user’s sofa. She, too, ended up visiting the emergency room due to concerns of lead poisoning.

The company organized a delivery pickup and said it is taking the Apple Watch to its labs for further testing.

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