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Users cannot access their Tesla due to app failure | Digital Trends Spanish

According to the Downdetector site, about 500 people reported problems accessing their Tesla vehicles after the manufacturer’s mobile application suffered an interruption.

Several users reported this problem on social media; in fact, Elon Musk, owner of the company, responded to one of those affected indicating that “I should get back online now”, after the person wrote on Twitter that he was experiencing a “server error 500” to connect with his car.

The outage was first reported by the Electrek website, which began receiving reports from Tesla owners in different territories such as the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Anyway, in an article of the BBC, Stuart Masson, editor of the Car Expert website, explained that Tesla drivers weren’t entirely reliant on the mobile app.

“There will be a secondary mechanism to enter or exit the car beyond the application, the difficulty will come for drivers if they do not carry it,” he said.

Meanwhile, after the inconvenience, Musk used his social networks again, this time to apologize for what happened. “We will take steps to ensure that this does not happen again,” he said.

While Tesla users rarely face these types of situations, in September 2020, the firm experienced an outage on its customer-facing servers, which lasted for several hours.

Despite criticism for its assisted self-driving system, Tesla continues to be one of the most popular electric vehicle manufacturers in the world.

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