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uSky: a futuristic aerial urban transport system | Digital Trends Spanish

A new and cleaner futuristic transportation system could soon go live. Is about uSky Transport, which uses capsules to move passengers in the air through cables and lines, as if it were a faster and more luxurious cable car.

This transport was created by the Belarusian company of the same name, which is carrying out the first tests in Sharjah City, in the United Arab Emirates. To do this, they installed a line of 400 meters (0.25 miles) in which the capsules will travel, which will be completely electric and will accommodate four passengers inside.

Precisely the interior of these capsules is striking, because these first versions have seats similar to those of a traditional first-class transport. There is also a screen and an audio system to liven up the trips and make them more comfortable; Regarding speed, these capsules have a maximum potential of up to 150 km / h (93 mph).

But beyond the luxury, the advantages of uSky – according to its creators – have to do with costs. One kilometer of line for capsules can cost $ 10 million, which is well below the $ 150 million it costs for a kilometer of underground subway.

On the other hand, uSky Transport is designed to decongest urban traffic, especially in cities and large cities where the high number of vehicles threatens travel times and environmental pollution.

The first line operating in Sharjah is the first step in a plan that includes implementing a second test line this same 2021, 2.4 kilometers (1.5 miles) long. But in addition, uSky has designed this system not only for passengers, but also for cargo transportation.

And if everything goes as expected, by the year 2024 there will already be lines running for the public, either in Sharjah or elsewhere in Asia.

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