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USP event will feature panel on Bitcoin

An economics event at the University of São Paulo (USP) that starts next week will talk about Bitcoin.

The LQ Financial Market League was created in 2018 by students who participate in a research and extension group on the Piracicaba campus of the University of São Paulo, ESALQ.

This group aims to understand the details about the financial market, providing students with learning tools to understand the details of this sector. Thus, there have already been three events held by this league, which is promoting another edition in the coming days.

USP Economics Event will feature a lecture on Bitcoin, see how to apply

From the next November 8th, at 2:30 pm, the ESALQ-USP Financial Market Week, in its 2nd edition, starts for subscribers.

A 100% free online event where you can learn more about the financial market, until November 11th, which is when the meetings end.

The event will feature the presence of major figures in the national financial market, representing B3, JPMorgan bank, Neon, among others. On Wednesday (10), for example, Guilherme Benchimol, founder of XP Investimentos, holds a debate with students on the topic of leadership in the financial market.

On the last day of the event, the lecture “The currency of the future? What is and how the cryptocurrency market works” will be presented by Fernando Ulrich. Bitcoin enthusiast, author of the book “Bitcoin, the Currency in the Digital Age”, the master in Economics from the Austrian School from URJC will explain to USP students more details about the cryptocurrency sector.

To register for the event 100% online and free, just enter the Liga de Mercado Financeiro website.

USP already offers Bitcoin courses and conducts blockchain research

The University of São Paulo is considered one of the largest and most important in Latin America, being a center of science in Brazil, working with teaching on various fronts of knowledge, including partnerships.

One of them, then, is a course that USP offers to the Court of Auditors of Ceará, a specialization that includes teachings about Bitcoin to the TCE servers. This course also presents other innovations, such as smart cities, artificial intelligence, among others.

Last October, several blows to health led USP researchers to look for solutions in the blockchain, to combat the problems of lack of trust in data stored in the cloud, which can be modified in cyber attacks.

Thus, it is clear that the cryptocurrency market is already a reality within the teachings of USP, which will have a panel next week on the subject.

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