Wednesday, October 27

Uzbekistan claims to have shot down an Afghan military jet attempting to cross the border

Uzbekistan shot down an Afghan military jet that was trying to cross the border with the country on Sunday, the Uzbek Defense Minister said on Monday. As reported Reuters, the jet crashed in the southernmost province of the country, Surxondaryo, bordering Afghanistan.

“The Uzbekistan air forces have prevented an illegal attempt by the Afghan army to cross the border,” said Defense Ministry spokesman Bahrom Zulfikorov. This has not communicated how many people were traveling on board the ship or if there have been survivors. The Russian news agency RIA has assured this Monday that the pilot had ejected and that he was injured.

The Uzbek government said on Sunday that it had detained 84 Afghan soldiers who had crossed the border and requested medical attention.

Following the arrival of the Taliban in Kabul this Sunday, a group of 70 countries, including Spain, urged “those in positions of authority throughout Afghanistan” to allow Afghan citizens and internationals to leave the country.

Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. Russia is an ally of Uzbekistan in the post-Soviet bloc of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and has promised aid to this country in the face of the dangers associated with the return of the Taliban to power.