Saturday, May 21

Vaccines in the department stores

Get vaccinated at El Corte Inglés before shopping. At Banco de Santander, next to an inspiring ATM or at Acciona, an infrastructure industry. Isabel Díaz Ayuso has hired these large companies for this purpose with public money naturally while dismantling Primary Care in Madrid, closing 41 of the 49 centers, in summer of entry. The image of inoculating the antivirus next to stalls selling computers, bags, pants, perfumes or tomatoes, should have been the wet dream of the most radical neoliberals since that economic doctrine – and never better said doctrine – began to prevail and not let’s say already to deviate. And from the president of Madrid, determined as a true kamikaze to complete the work of Aguirre and Rajoy, the leaders most harmful to the Welfare State and public Health in particular. Let’s not forget that Health, from an economic point of view, is one of the most powerful companies in Spain: it represents 9.1% of GDP with thousands of direct and indirect jobs.

Esperanza Aguirre devoted herself with relish to privatizing health under the euphemism that she only did it with management. The patients came to be called clients, in a semantic twist at all innocent. “These centers cost Madrid residents between 7 and 8 times more than those of traditional management,” said the Associations for the Defense of Public Health. The White Tides rose in protests. Some of Aguirre’s collaborators had a hard time going through the courts, but the damage was not reversed. Fernández-Lasquetty -who was forced to resign- today he is once again a Director of Madrid, now of Finance, Economy and Employment.

It seems they have learned a lot. They don’t even need euphemisms anymore. Ayuso, canonized by the press of the clan, builds brick warehouses – which she calls hospitals – prior juicy contracts with the best in the sector, tripling the initial budget without problems. Some of the ICUs it has at its disposal are still dedicated to the warehouse itself and do not provide the means where there are shortcomings. But it is enough to appear on all the screens and all the covers to sell your product. It is amazing that one million six hundred thousand beings have bought it. To the point of justifying the creation of a chiringuito office for Toni Cantó, the mutant politician, whose face does not fall ashamed when comparing his successive realities.

Rajoy was not far behind. It produced the largest cut in history to the Welfare State. He did not need anything other than to appear prudent and clueless to change the reverse with his scissors what Spain was achieving with so much effort, which was always light years away from Europe at our level. And he did it without the usual press even doing the paripe of being surprised. The biggest cuts were taken precisely by health (10,000 million in an extraordinary decree), education (3,000 in the same package communicated through a press release), science and research, aid to dependency or culture. It raised the upper VAT bracket to 21%, reduced unemployment benefits and the quality of work with its Labor Reform. He broke the social pact of pensions. And that’s just a cursory reminder. He left no puppet with a head. In the freedoms, the axes were primed in the freedom of expression with the Gag Law or the reform of the penal code. And he also put his hand, in favor of the present and future of the PP, in the election system of the CGPJ and even the Court of Accounts.

Exit from the broth that has been cooking for a quarter of a century in the PP in Madrid and its formal split in Vox, Ayuso promises to surpass all its predecessors. None of the main hooligans of the PP – Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo or Pablo Casado himself – like voters who hate the left so well. And she tackles, free, her mission to alienate the public. It was the freedom he bought, not the freedom he sold. According to the post-election analysis of the CIS that has just been made public, Ayuso’s voters choose her for herself, as their own brand. By what he says, more than by what he does. He ate Citizens, he captured numerous votes from Vox and some from the PSOE. And he almost won by an absolute majority.

It is interesting to see the influence of the media. Voters were informed primarily by television, as did 73%, compared to 49% in the digital press, 34% on the radio and 28% on the networks, which often amplify audiovisual content above all.

And here is the ranking of the favorites among the favorites:

Get vaccinated in department stores, or in the bank, closing most of the Primary Care centers, underusing and squeezing hospital resources and hiring private health for the same. Remember that in the middle of the pandemic Ayuso paid 734 euros a day with public money for each patient in the ward and 2,084 in the ICU, prices well above those established by the Spanish Private Health Alliance (ASPE), which represents more than 80% of the private hospital centers.

And if we think – and we have to do so – in the judicial revelations of the vast chapter of the corruption of the PP, the matter becomes more crude. That chain of high officials, envelopes, a plot of corrupt police officers for dirty jobs, journalists practicing something else, judges who ask to treat pringadas well who do not even end up entering the courtroom. And more papers with assignments under hand in B that one of the treasurers wrote down. And espionage. And assaults. And companies and entrepreneurs. And always the same names.

The real beneficiaries applaud the fortune of having found an Ayuso. Those who adore Ayuso -that promotional claim-, for his impudence, his virulence with everything that sounds like progressivism, for breaking the rules that take care of the common good, have what they are looking for. Have fun, get drunk with pleasure without thinking about tomorrow, or anyone other than them. The rest we have to suffer with great concern. Married is already in extension time and the current manager of PP Madrid.SA aspires to direct that great and profitable company from which they take so much juice: their Spain. And he has no shortage of accomplices. In Madrid – which is not the whole of Spain – it has worked for them.