Monday, May 29

Valve’s Steam Deck launches on February 25, the first units are already about candy

Valve’s initial plans called for the first units of the Steam Deck to start shipping in December 2021. However, the company said late last year that the release it was two months late due to problems in the supply chain, although he did not specify a date.

Now Valve Has published on their website an updated schedule for the Steam Deck. The American company branded as release date of your portable console on February 25, the day on which they will start sending emails to those who have already made a reservation.

New Steam Deck Schedule

The company explains that the emails will be sent in the same order in which the reservations were made. In Spain they will begin to be sent on February 25 at 7:00 p.m.. Once customers receive the message, they will have 72 hours to purchase the Steam Deck model of their choice at the time.

Valve also explains that the reservation deposit is applied to the final price of the Steam Deck and that shipping costs are included. It also warns that if the purchase has not been made within three days, the customer loses their reservation and it is transferred to the next person in the queue.

The firm says it has worked with multiple component suppliers to deal with material shortages and delays, so they can now confirm that the first units of the Steam Deck will start shipping to customers starting February 28.

Steam Deck 1

The device was one of the great surprises of 2021. With a starting price of 419 euros (64GB edition), according to Valve, it can play AAA games in high quality and supports connection to external displays via a docking station that is sold separately.

We have to wait a bit until the Steam Deck reaches the hands of the users and we can test it to see how it behaves in a real scenario. For now, the promise of power carry PC games “in your pocket” It is certainly promising.

Images | Valve