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Vans Sales Soar For The Squid Game | Digital Trends Spanish

The Squid Game it has become a true phenomenon. The series premiered on Netflix already has millions of followers, reaching the first position among the most viewed streaming.

The phenomenon of the series goes beyond the screen and has impacted the sale of outfits similar to those used by fictional characters.

According to The Sole Supplier, sales of the white Vans Slip-On, the same ones used by the protagonists of the South Korean production, soared 7,800 percent, just after the premiere of the series.

While this is a simple outfit, a canvas shoe with a vulcanized rubber midsole, it now takes on a new character thanks to the success of the series.

In fact, the figures also show that these shoes are now 97 percent more searched on the internet than before the series hit the platform.

The Squid Game It premiered on September 17 and, according to experts, everything indicates that it could become the best production of the platform in history, as suggested by Ted Sarandos, head of Netflix content.

“It will undoubtedly be our largest non-English language program, with a high chance of being our greatest success in all of history,” said Sarandos.

It should be remembered that the series was sued by an internet provider who claimed for the collapse of the service due to the success of the series.

At the moment the second season of The Squid Game.

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