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Vantage: the new protagonist of Apex Legends | Digital Trends Spanish

Before the start of Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted On August 9, EA and Respawn Entertainment went into more detail about the new Legend coming to the game at the start of the season. His name is Vantageand she’s shaping up to be a deadly sniper with an adorable bat companion.

Vantage’s backstory, that we could see a little in July, is that she grew up alone with her mother on the frozen planet of Pagos. Her mother is secretly an escaped prisoner, and when Vantage nearly dies exploring an abandoned ship, her mother has to turn herself in so she can get medical help for her daughter. Following this, Vantage enters the Apex Games to spread awareness of her mother’s capture and eventually free her one day.

Vantage’s passive ability is called Spotter’s Lens. With that, you can scan an enemy’s legend name, team size, range, and shield rarity from a distance. His tactical ability is called Echo Relocation, and he can use it to send Echo to a spot on the map before jetpacking him. Thankfully, Respawn developers confirmed that players can’t kill Echo, so players don’t have to worry about putting this cute companion in harm’s way.

His Ultimate ability is called Sniper’s Mark, and it’s one of the most unique in the game. Vantage summons his custom sniper rifle with sniper’s mark. It has five bullets, and if he hits an enemy with it, Vantage will highlight his squad for ten seconds. The damage of her sniper rifle and allies increases with consecutive hits, and not all shots need to be fired at once, so Vantage can be quite deadly if a player knows how to use it properly.

apex legends is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. Season 14: Hunted begins on August 9.

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