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Vargas Llosa amends 25 years of PP government in Madrid to reward Ayuso: “He has brought order to what was true chaos”

The award ceremonies are, usually, a concatenation of praise towards the recipient. Above all, when the one who decides the award is oneself and has to justify his opportunity. The speech that Mario Vargas Llosa gave this Monday before handing over the Prize for Freedom that his foundation has awarded to Ayuso has not been for less. Although this has meant drawing a disorderly and confused Community before her arrival at Puerta del Sol. “Many of those present remember what Madrid was like before Isabel Díaz Ayuso”, assured the Nobel Prize winner, who considers that the president “has put order in what was true chaos.

The good harmony between Vargas Llosa and the president of the Community, especially on account of his liberal policies, is nothing new, but the drawing he has made of life before Ayuso in Madrid amends those who have gone through the maximum before position of the regional Executive, which are, precisely, other leaders who came to the Royal Post Office on the lists of the Popular Party. Gallardón, Aguirre, González, Cifuentes… the past of the Madrid PP that the Nobel Prize winner has ignored before the grateful gaze of the winner.

“We were confused, we didn’t know what was going to happen to us, to Madrid, to Spain and now we know,” recited Vargas Llosa, who compared Ayuso to Ronald Reagan. As he has said, “he is not a theoretician of liberalism, he is a profoundly practical being. When he speaks, he has an instinct that reminds me a lot of the president of the United States, because he has an instinct that is never wrong and every time he speaks he always mentions the word freedom”.

What is the Liberty? “A magic word, that the people of Madrid understand, because thanks to this word they have followed it, they have voted for it and they have made it a true leader of the things that matter to us, for which we have formed this institution that is fulfilling 20 years”, assured the writer, a convinced liberal. In the auditorium, the scene was contemplated by the PP deputy, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, former parliamentary spokesperson for Pablo Casado and separated by him after his criticism of the former leader, who ended up outside the party after his open war with Ayuso.

The Madrilenian president has not taken advantage of this occasion to vindicate the inheritance of the party in the Community. She does not even Aguirre, with whom she maintains a close political relationship. She has limited herself to admitting that the award is “an honor” and she has valued her policies during the pandemic, “while there was a totalitarian desire.” “We simply let Madrid be, the person be, we treated people like adults and went only against the virus.”

Along the same lines, Ayuso has outlined some of the usual lines in his speeches. He has denounced that it is not possible to “speak serenely” and has accused the left of using immigration, feminism or “false environmentalism”. “Now they brand as censor those of us who claim that there is rigor and science in textbooks,” he insisted. He has also made reference to the electoral result in Andalusia, which has yielded an absolute majority of the PP of Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla. “It has been shown that the person, when he is free, when he is prosperous, always advances and wants to go further” he has said before assuring that “this goes beyond the simple and fallacious division between left and right. It is the pulse of a country that can no longer take it.”

Colombia, “the last to fall”

At the event, which was held at the Casa de América in Madrid, both Vargas Llosa and Ayuso referred to the electoral result in Colombia. Gustavo Petro, the newly elected president, is the first leftist in the country’s history. “They have voted wrong,” he said when asked by journalists as he left, but “if he acts within the law, welcome.” During her speech, she had been tougher. “Those who attack freedom have been changing their mask throughout history and the last mask is identity,” he said after defending that “we are part of a great nation that is Spain” and claiming “the values ​​of the West” .

“Demagoguery, which we now also call populism, victimhood, indigenism, a new identity mechanism, new versions of class struggles between men, women, between businessmen, workers, young people, the elderly. These manipulations are old monsters with new masks and have led the vast majority of countries to mortgage freedom. And the last to fall seems to be Colombia”, accused Ayuso.

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