Friday, December 8

Vasco V4: the translator of 108 languages ​​and perpetual internet | Digital Trends Spanish

At IFA it was presented the translator Vasco V4, which brings the possibility of working in 108 different languages ​​and also comes with a SIM card, which provides free Internet for life for translations in 200 countries.

Obviously this connection is dedicated exclusively to the translation system. The connection guarantees a translation in less than 0.5 seconds in almost any corner of the planet.

Basque Translator V4 | The new universal translator from Vasco Electronics is here!

It has a cloud translation system that has 10 different AI engines. Vasco maintains that these algorithms achieve 96% accuracy in translations, whether text or voice. The voices of the translated conversations are also created from professional native speakers.

The Vasco V4 itself measures 55x149x10mm and packs a Mediatek Helio A22 and a 5-inch screen. Two speakers that reach 99 decibels and a noise-canceling microphone system. It is charged via USB-C and has a 2400mAh battery. The device is already available in the manufacturer’s website at a price of 389 euros

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