Friday, February 3

Venezuela removes license from two exchanges

Sunacrip, the institution in charge of regulating everything related to cryptocurrencies in Venezuela, announced this week that it has revoked the trading licenses in the country to Criptomundo and Cave Blockchain.

Joselit Ramírez, superintendent of the agency, made the announcement through Twitter:

For the moment, Ramírez did not disclose the specific reasons why these licenses were revoked and limited himself to commenting that “they did not comply with Sunacrip regulations” and recommended that the population “refrain from using platforms not authorized by the organization in an attempt to guarantee the legitimacy of the operations and support for the services offered”.

On the other hand, the official mentioned all the exchanges that are still authorized by Sunacrip to carry out cryptocurrency exchange operations in the country. Among them are Cryptoactive Amberes Coin, IO Financial Advisory, Criptoex, Criptoven Trade, Digital Factoring, Venecrip, and the Patria Platform, which is operated by the government.

Other exchanges authorized by Sunacrip, but that are not operating due to technical problems are Crixto Vzla, Exchange Vzla, Canjeable Ticketven, Financieras 1444, CriptoExchange, and Criptoactivos Bancar.

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It should be noted that although the list mentioned by Ramírez left some names out of the equation. exchanges like Binance, that have a significant presence in Venezuela, were not included, leaving the presence of this type of international platform a gray area. Currently, Binance P2P, the part of the exchange that allows users to connect and exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat money, has one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange operations in Venezuela.

In addition, other international exchanges that Venezuelans can use to manage and trade cryptocurrencies are not authorized. This means, according to Sunacrip, that if users of these exchanges face any issues using them, there would be no guarantees regarding the activities.


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