Tuesday, January 18

Venezuelan artists present their art as collectible tokens in La Tokenía

The Tokenía, this is the name of the space in the virtual world that a group of Venezuelan artists opened to exhibit their non-fungible tokens (NFT), on the Tezos blockchain.

With a jargon characteristic of Venezuelan streets, the artists extended the invitation to all interested people to visit their “taguara” in the metaverse from today, December 9 until tomorrow, December 10.

The virtual gallery is on the Oncyber platform. There, the people they can enter by clicking on «Enter» and going through the metaverse with the keys W, A, S and D, while with the mouse you will be able to see the 23 works corresponding to the same number of artists.

When approaching the displayed NFTs, they can press the E key and a window will be displayed where the author and the market where it can be purchased will be displayed in detail.

Although all the pieces are very diverse, they all have a common thread and that is the Venezuelan nature, in which music reigns, the noise of the bottles, that is, the taguaras. Another characteristic is that they use the Chigüire or Carpincho as part of the image of some works and artistic groups.

In fact, one of the pieces is inspired by “Chinozolan” restaurants and is entitled “Stamp of the taguarita.”

In the opinion of Najimel, author of the work, these “have been the meeting place for couples, families, soccer / baseball games, some fights and many joys in the middle of Chinese rice with sweet and sour chicken and a couple of beers.”

Sale of collectible tokens

The works are being commercialized in the market for Tezos’ NFT, Objkt.com. In the case of the “Stamp of the taguarita”, there are 12 pieces that have a price of 6 pieces (XTZ) each, or what is equal to USD 29, according to CoinMarketCap.

The NFT Stamp of the taguarita is inspired by the Chinese restaurants of Venezuela.

To see the rest of the pieces you can enter Oncyber.io and choose the Assets option.

The exhibition features works by artists such as Andrés Briceño, Hache de Henry, Uh! Caribe, Flores Solano, Playful Chunks, CayenasRojas and others.

The objective of La Tokenía is to make a “collective-thematic, independent and self-managed exhibition”, to publicize the work of Venezuelan artists belonging to the artistic group, stand out in your manifest.

Venezuelan artists seek to monetize with NFTs

Andrés Briceño told CriptoNoticias that he and the rest of the artists that make up La Tokenía saw the possibility to monetize your art.

“We come from a paradigm in which centralized social platforms basically turn art into ‘content’ and give almost no economic retribution to artists or creators. Thanks to decentralization, artists can take control of their own market, going over the hegemony that galleries had in deciding what art was good art or not ”.

Andrés Briceño, Venezuelan plastic artist.

The Tokenía has a presence in the metaverse, where you can see the digital art works of Venezuelan artists. Source: Oncyber.io

He also highlighted that they chose the Tezos blockchain – which is open source and uses the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism (Proof of Stake)- for his energy efficiency and transaction fees which are much more accessible than Ethereum. This, he says, is especially beneficial for Latino artists.

Art in NFT to save lives

Just as many have discovered collectible tokens to bring their works of art to the entire planet and make themselves known, others They seek to exploit their artistic abilities to save their lives.

That is the case of Alfonso Morales, a Venezuelan who understood that with the NFT there was a market for his talent and with the income generated could fight the disease he had, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

Morales was able, through the sale of the NFTs and some donations, to pay for a trip to Colombia to be operated on and his life has already improved.