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Verizon Customers Report Spam From Same Number | Digital Trends Spanish

Hackers are constantly evolving their methods. This is witnessed by Verizon customers, who have recently received spam messages sent from their own phone number.

In the place TheVerge, one of the editors recounts having received one of these messages that congratulated him in the text for having been the winner of a prize for paying the bill on time. Reviewing the submitter’s data, the writer found that his contact information was listed.

Other people report receiving a link to various Russian websites in their text messages. For the same reason, it is thought that these types of shipments could be part of a broader Russian cyberattack that some technology companies have been on high alert since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

DC @VerizonSupport you folks should be able to detect sms spam, spoofing my own vzw number, that spoofs your own bill pay messages. Doesn’t take advanced #ai #ml

— alex lanstein (@alex_lanstein) March 28, 2022

Due to these attacks, Verizon recommends that affected customers forward text messages to the SPAM number 7726. Although some people may have doubts when making the complaint from their phone, Verizon affirms that the integrity of the devices is not has been compromised with these attempted attacks.

The company also indicated that it is aware of the situation and that it works to block these spam messages. Also, he pointed out that he collaborates with the United States authorities to find those responsible for these messages.

For now it is not clear where these texts come from, so the call to users is to be aware of the spam they may receive in the coming days.

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