Monday, May 23

Verizon offers more calls to Latin America at no extra cost | Digital Trends Spanish

With the inclusion of countries such as Cuba, Honduras or Panama, Verizon reached 17 destinations in Latin America for long distance calls at no extra cost. Promotion is valid for Global Choice customers in the United States with select 5G Unlimited plans.

Beneficiaries will be able to access up to five hours per month at no additional charge and with reduced rates for additional hours, the company reported. The other new states included in the program in April 2022 were Costa Rica, Uruguay and Paraguay.

The challenge is to offer “the best value on the best network,” said the senior vice president of marketing for Verizon’s consumer segment, Nina Bibby. For the executive, the goal is to help Hispanic clients “stay connected with friends and family.”}

Previously, Global Choice included Colombia, Peru, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Verizon also has 5G phone and network promotions for newcomers to the United States, thanks to a partnership with Nova Credit. The application process incorporates the analysis of international credit history. Plan customers do not have to pay the price up front and have 0% interest on cell phone financing.

With the 5G Do More and 5G Get More Unlimited plans, Verizon customers can qualify for one day of International TravelPass per month at no additional cost. “TravelPass allows calls, messages and data in more than 210 countries and destinations outside the United States,” Verizon said.

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