Thursday, December 2

Via DNU, the Government made a multimillion-dollar modification of the Budget

Virtually the entire national administration receives additional funds to meet current expenses, the payment of salaries, or the financing of specific programs. Not only the ministries, but also the security forces and the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), among other dependencies, they are favored.

It should be noted that the ANSES, that drives Fernanda Raverta, is the body in charge of the payment of retirements, pensions, Family Allowances, AUH, and other social benefits. And in fact, since this month he paid the double payment of allowances due to measures that were taken after the PASO elections in September.

The Judicial and Legislative powers also receive more items within the 2021 Budget.

There is also an increase in items to cover subsidies in public services, such as electricity and gas, and in transportation.

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