Sunday, March 26

ViaBTC offers crypto lifetime commission incentives of up to 20%

In the crypto community, many say that mining is the safest and most prudent investment option. But these days, it’s no longer possible to just sit in front of your PC and enjoy a coffee while you mine.

As more people learn about the blockchain and Bitcoin (BTC), the crypto mining community has been expanding. And, with the rise in hash power, mining has become increasingly difficult over time. Under such circumstances, independent miners are struggling to maintain stable mining profits, prompting the emergence of mining pools.

A crypto mining pool converges the hash power of the miners and distributes the block reward among all participating miners according to their share of the total hash power, thus offering them more stable returns.

However, the market is rife with crypto mining pools, some good and some bad. To avoid inconvenience, miners should choose the right mining pool that best suits their needs.

How to choose the best crypto mining pool?

First of all, they should consider the ratio of the hash rate of a crypto mining pool to the total hash power of a network. A high hashrate ratio is an indicator of a strong and stable mining pool. This shows that the mining pool is working with well-established mining farms and is fully trusted by miners.

In addition, years of good reputation and stability are characteristics that a good mining group must have.

Second, crypto miners should choose pools with a notable reputation. Backed by excellent products and services and a good reputation indicates the strength of a mining pool and the tools and resources it may possess.

Meet ViaBTC!

Since its foundation in 2016, ViaBTC Pool It has been converted in a crypto mining pool that has professional, efficient, secure and stable services for almost 1 million users located in more than 130 countries and regions.

In these 6 years of dedication and hard work, ViaBTC Pool it has become the world’s largest Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) mining pool and one of the five largest Bitcoin (BTC) pools globally. Furthermore, it has also built and gained a great reputation in the crypto world.

ViaBTC rewards its crypto miners

In order to give back to old miners and attract more promising new miners, ViaBTC Pool has decided to update the commissions for referrals.

After you log in to the website or application of ViaBTC, you must first go to the section, find your unique referral link (or QR code) and then share it on your social networks inviting your friends to join.

Once a new user is registered in ViaBTC through your referral link (or QR code); you will get a 50% discount on crypto mining fees for about 30 days. If your referral connected their hashrate to ViaBTC and start mining, you can receive commissions of up to 20%. This feature is available from January 19, 2022 (HKT).

In ViaBTC Pool, commissions for referrals are divided into two levels, “General” and “Ambassador”; each of them with different privileges. Regular referrals come with a 10% commission rate that will be valid for 12 months; while ambassador referrals have a 20% commission rate that will be valid forever. It should be noted that these fees are based on service fees generated by referred users.

Become an ambassador

If you are not satisfied with the crypto commissions generated by regular referrals, now you have the opportunity to apply as an Ambassador and enjoy 20% commissions for life.

However, there is a requirement that you must take into account: you must invite at least 5 people a month to register in ViaBTC pool and that these can operate, in this way they will be considered valid.

With valid referred users they refer to the main accounts that provided hashrate, which covers the hashrate contributed by the subaccounts. The “Sorry, you don’t meet the application criteria yet” notice will appear after clicking , if you don’t meet the above requirement.

Of course, Ambassadors must also meet a condition for their status to be valid: the number of valid crypto users referred per month must not be less than 10. If an Ambassador does not meet this requirement for three consecutive months, they will be automatically disqualified from your status.

Once an Ambassador is disqualified, their referrals will be reserved and changed to Regular Referrals and their commissions are subject to the regular mechanism. Which means that the commissions will end once the 12 statutory months have passed. Conversely, if such commissions have been in effect for less than one year, they will expire at the end of the one year period.

ViaBTC It does not have a limit on the number of referrals that a crypto user can have; This applies to both the Ambassadors of ViaBTC as for the average user. The more users you invite and the higher the hash power they bring to ViaBTC, the higher the crypto referral commissions you will be able to enjoy. What are you waiting for? Join to ViaBTC Pool now for amazing commission rewards!