Thursday, February 2

Vibrant, an ‘app’ for ‘contactless’ payments that replaces the dataphone

  • This application allows small businesses, artisans or freelancers to be able to manage collections from their mobile phones in an efficient, flexible way and without the need for a fixed structure.

  • Designed to support local businesses in Barcelona, ​​it is already used by artists, creatives, designers, graphic artists, photographers or owners of small neighborhood shops.

For a few years now, paying by card has become something not so simple. The old dataphones belong to another era, they run out of battery, without signal, they are heavy and not all of them accept many cards or accept ‘contactless’ payment. What’s more, They are not usually efficient for small businesses, artisans or the self-employed.

Vibrant has found a solution that fits perfectly with the 21st century society: an application that allows you to receive contactless payments directly on your phone. To be able to start using it, it is enough to have a Android phone with NFC system and download the ‘app’ from the Play Store. Just bringing the card, mobile or ‘smartwatch’ to the upper area of ​​the phone is enough to carry out the transaction.

It is a system that enables the small merchant to develop his business, increase his sales regardless of his location and provide him with sufficient autonomy to decide where and when you want to develop your activity. In addition, its operation has been designed in a simple, intuitive and practical way so that anyone regardless of their age can use it without difficulty.

A very useful ‘app’ in markets

many of his clients They have already used it in their weekend markets, and even in their own establishments, being very satisfied with its effectiveness.. Others only have an ‘e-commerce’ and did not need a dataphone until they decided to make the brand visible in some markets in the city; others decided to try an alternative system that turned out to produce better results.

It has been made clear the convenience of having a dataphone in your mobile with a greater number of functionalities. The application allows you to make refunds, cancellations and issue ‘tickets’ in PDF, QR or SMS format.

Support for local businesses in Barcelona

The idea of ​​the brand arose as a tool for support for local businesses in Barcelona. A system that allows, empowers and provides a solution to those who do not have the necessary resources to establish themselves in the market on their own.

In a big city, where the big chains spread their brands in every corner, in every street corner and in every square, it is necessary to impregnate with identity what has always been a place of inspiration for countless artists for centuries. The depersonalization of iconic establishments converted into the property of multinationals, cries out for a return to tradition, to the value of what is close, to attention to detail.

The globalized economy has ended up not distinguishing us from each other. We dress and eat the same no matter what country we are in. It’s time to give Barcelona the personality it deserves. “Our city is home to a multitude of artists with entirely authentic ideas, products, projects and services. Let’s help them so that their dream can become something tangible. Not only for the simple fact of supporting them, but because many times we limit ourselves as consumers, going to supermarkets, because we don’t know enough consumption alternatives within our reach”, remark from Vibrant. In this sense, the quality, durability, aesthetics and differentiation of a product purchased in a local store is infinitely superior to what we can purchase in any shopping center.

“Loneliness and distance have a common denominator: big cities. We need to feel part of a community, to be part of something that we can be part of, learn, build and contribute. We want to meet our neighbors, help them, reduce their loneliness and make them part of a neighborhood, an association, an entity,” they add.

All this can be summed up in a single sentence: promote the value of the local. This is exactly what the brand intends. Return to its residents a link between merchants and residentsMany artists, creatives, designers, graphic artists, photographers or owners of small neighborhood stores have already been part of the change. Vibrant is a brand that is committed to local commerce, crafts, the value of authenticity and proximity commerce. It is precisely in small merchants and entrepreneurs, self-employed or freelance, where Vibrant has been able to contribute its grain of sand and offer a completely free solution.

No monthly fees

No period of permanence, without opening commission, or maintenance, or monthly expenses. It is precisely for this reason that Vibrant has been postulated as the ideal solution for those who desperately needed a way to generate their sales without feeling the obligation to have a fixed structure.

What’s more, Allows you to register multiple users per account. That is, if a company has more than one employee, it is also possible to create an additional account (or as many as required), so that it can make the sale independently, and without having to depend on another user actively using the application.