Thursday, March 30

Victims of abuse in the Church request that there be two commissions and participate in the investigations

Under the title of ‘Manifesto for the right to children and the truth’, victims of sexual assault in the Catholic Church demand that all political parties speak out “in defense of children’s rights”, while calling them to deploy public policies to prevent pedophilia “and that these events never happen again”. Among the signatories is the writer Alejandro Palomas, who revealed that he suffered sexual abuse in a La Salle school. Under the name ‘Víctimas por la Verdad’, the letter was also written by Beatriz Barrera, from the Vicky Bernardet Foundation; Mikel Eziolaza, Koldo Eslava, Marcos Leyun, José Luis Pérez Muñoz (Members of AVA, Association of Victims of Abuse of Navarra); Leonor Paqué, Fernando García Salmones, a member of Infancia Robada and Manuel Barbero López, from the Associació Mans Petites.

Alejandro Palomas reveals that he suffered sexual abuse in a La Salle school: “When he ran, he would get angry with me”

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Thus, they ask politicians “not to use their proximity or interests with the Church” to avoid addressing this issue, and they defend that “some” of these victims continue to be believers, so they do not want “the obligation of the public administrations to protect human rights with an anticlerical attitude”.

Also a commission in Congress

The victims are in favor of creating a parliamentary commission to listen to experts from different countries, from the Church or laity and representatives of the victims, in order to design “a shared roadmap” that allows them to act against these cases of abuses.

They also assure that they agree that “a commission of experts coordinated with the Ombudsman” be built with which parliamentary work can continue, to listen to themselves and recognize themselves as victims and thus begin to repair the pain caused .

For this reason, they ask the politicians to agree on a proposal that allows for this listening process and an investigation to clarify the appropriate responsibilities and request to participate in the investigation work and in the creation of the road map: “We demand that these same forces be able to participate, with a continuous and active role”.

Likewise, the signatories, just as Pope Francis has done, demand that the leadership of the Church and its orders “collaborate” in these investigations and ask the political forces to compile “the best” of the different experiences at the international level, so that Spain stops being an anomaly in Europe and they see their pain recognized.