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Victims’ Testimony: How Ghislaine Maxwell Led the Girls to Epstein

Four women have testified against Britain’s Ghislaine Maxwell during her trial in Manhattan federal court, describing a compelling story of sexual abuse. This Wednesday, the ex-partner and right hand of magnate Jeffrey Epstein has been found guilty of five charges related to the sex trafficking of minors with the aim of taking them to Epstein.

All the shadows of the Epstein case

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The four women who have testified against him, Jane, Kate, Carolyn and Annie Farmer, all claimed to have met Maxwell when they were teenagers. They also said that it was Maxwell who lured them into Epstein’s orbit. Although the exact dates and circumstances of his encounters with Maxwell differ, they all share striking similarities. Only Farmer used his full real name.

The four women said they were having a bad time when Maxwell appeared in their lives, due to financial precariousness or complicated family situations. They stated that prior to Epstein’s inappropriate acts, Maxwell made them feel comfortable and special by asking questions about their lives. Maxwell was a reassuring presence that eased concerns or suspicions about Epstein.

All claimed that Maxwell was involved in Epstein’s abuse or sexual misconduct. Three pointed out that she was the one coordinating the appointments with Epstein. Three claimed that Maxwell touched them. They all said Maxwell worked to meet Epstein’s physical needs. Testimonials from the women describe Maxwell as a facilitator and, in some cases, an enthusiastic participant.

These are their stories:


In the summer of 1994, Jane met Maxwell at youth camp at the Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan. Jane, who was 14 at the time, was having ice cream with her friends when Maxwell, a woman “walking a cute little Yorkshire terrier,” approached her. They started chatting until a man joined them. It was Epstein.

They asked Jane about her training at Interlochen and they told her that they gave junior scholarships. When Jane told them she was from Palm Beach, they asked for her mother’s phone number. Jane gave them the contact details. At the end of the camp and when she returned home, they called her to invite her and her mother to tea.

After that first tea, Jane started seeing Epstein every week or two. Epstein first abused her when she was 14 years old. Jane said that for the next three years, about every two weeks, there were sexual encounters with Epstein.

Sometimes Maxwell was in the room during the sexual abuse and on occasion Maxwell touched her breasts. “There were hands everywhere,” Jane recounted during the trial.


The second victim stated that she met Maxwell in Paris around 1994. Kate found Maxwell to be “very sophisticated and very elegant” and gave the British socialite woman her phone number. Kate stated that Maxwell invited her to tea. During this meeting, Maxwell complimented “her boyfriend”, Epstein.

Shortly after tea at Maxwell’s London home, Maxwell called Kate. He told him that Epstein was there and asked if he wanted to stop by to meet him. When Kate arrived, Maxwell told Epstein that Kate was “very strong” and the teenager said, “Why don’t you give her a little squeeze on her feet to show her how strong you are?”

She squeezed his feet. Epstein seemed to approve of it and said, ‘Go ahead, you can do it with my shoulders.’ Someone called Epstein on the phone and Maxwell got Kate out of the house. A few weeks later, he called her on the phone to tell her that Epstein’s masseuse had canceled an appointment and asked if she could come in for the massage.

Kate said that she came and that Maxwell led her down the stairs to a room with a table. Epstein was inside, wearing a robe, which he took off to be naked. Maxwell closed the door, Kate said, and Epstein began a sexual encounter with her. Kate said that several days later Maxwell invited her to his home and that a similar encounter occurred. For the next several years, Kate saw Epstein several times a year.


Carolyn was 14 when her 17-year-old boyfriend introduced her to Virginia Giuffre, a woman who has also brought charges against Maxwell and Epstein. “Virginia asked me if I wanted to come and earn money,” Carolyn said of their meeting in the early 2000s. Giuffre, then 18, said they would go to her friend’s house on the island of Palm Beach for ” give him a massage. ”

Carolyn said that when they arrived at Epstein’s house, Maxwell met them and told Giuffre, “You can take her upstairs and show her what to do.” Giuffre undressed. Epstein came into the room and rolled onto his stomach on the massage table. After a 45-minute massage that the two of them gave him, Epstein turned around and Giuffre had sex with him.

Later, Carolyn returned to the Epstein house without Giuffre’s company. She said Maxwell had gotten her phone number and called her to arrange the massages. Carolyn said that between the ages of 14 and 18 she went to Epstein’s home “more than 100” times.

Carolyn said that before one of the massages, Maxwell came in and “touched her breasts and hips and buttocks and said she had a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends.” Was 14 years old.

Annie Farmer

Annie Farmer, the fourth and last woman to testify against Maxwell, said the British woman gave her a nude massage when she was only 16 years old. Farmer explained that he met Epstein at his Manhattan mansion in late 1995. Annie’s sister, Maria Farmer, worked for him as a fine art painter.

The first time Annie met Epstein was to collect the Phantom of the Opera tickets that he had bought for her and her sister. She saw him again when she and Maria went to the movies with him. He sat between the two of them. At one point, Epstein “stroked” Annie’s hand and touched her foot and leg. In the spring of 1996, Farmer learned that he would be traveling to see him again, for a weekend at his ranch outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. She wasn’t dying to go, but knowing that there would be a woman there too, Maxwell, made her feel calmer.

Upon returning to the ranch from a field trip to town, it was “decided” that Farmer would learn to massage Epstein’s feet. Farmer said Maxwell taught her how to do it and that she followed through with the massage. Maxwell then asked him if he had ever received a professional massage.

A massage table was installed in the room where Annie was staying. “He told me to take off my clothes and get under the sheet on the massage table,” Farmer said. “She pulled back the sheet and exposed my breasts and started rubbing my chest and upper chest.”

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