Sunday, December 4

Víctor Valladares, the swindling lawyer who denounced the Government for the 8M, enters prison

The lawyer who promised to take the government to court for handling the pandemic has been jailed for defrauding clients. As has learned, the lawyer Víctor Valladares is imprisoned in the Madrid prison of Soto del Real while he is still pending several trials and cases for defrauding clients when he was practicing as a lawyer. Valladares was the one who denounced the Government before the courts and before the Supreme Court for the management of the pandemic and for allowing the feminist demonstration on March 8, 2020.

Convicted for falsifying judicial documents the lawyer who denounced the Government for the 8M

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His entry into prison has occurred in recent weeks and the trial court of Plaza de Castilla has been informed that he has just been prosecuted for a new alleged scam against one of his clients. A case in which the Prosecutor’s Office asks for three years in prison and the popular accusation a total of 13 years in prison for crimes of false documents, fraud, professional intrusion, professional disloyalty and identity theft.

Víctor Valladares gained notoriety on the front pages and in opposition speeches when, in the first weeks of the pandemic in 2020, he went to the ordinary courts of Madrid and the Supreme Court to file complaints against the central executive and the authorities for the management of the pandemic and, in particular, for allowing the feminist March 8 demonstration in the streets of Madrid when, according to his accusation, the danger of increasing contagion was already known.

“This government deserves a criminal conviction in the face of so many deaths,” he said in June 2020 in the newspaper El Mundo, where he presented himself as an animal lawyer who had formed an Association of People Affected by the Management of the coronavirus with thousands of supporters of which there is no trace. The case advanced, the Government delegate in Madrid was charged and the case was filed but Valladares never appeared in the case.

By the time Valladares began to circulate in the media, and by the time the Popular Party and Vox used this cause to attack the central executive, it was already known that he had been convicted and punished several times for deceiving and defrauding clients.

It was already public that, for example, the Madrid Bar Association had sanctioned him for letting the claim of a woman from Vitoria who was trying to recover her young daughter, whose whereabouts were unknown along with her father, die in court. A court had sentenced him to return 1,300 euros to another client for collection without filing the legal actions that had been commissioned. Another court had convicted him of defrauding a man who wanted to sue a pet store.

While Valladares presented himself to public opinion as the man who was going to bring the Government to the dock –and while he boasted in various interviews that he had the support of thousands of people who had joined his platform– he failed to report the barrage of trials that again and again brought him to the bench for cheating and defrauding clients.

In these two years, as reported by, he has been convicted of scamming his mother-in-law and for falsifying documents and deceiving two affected by the floor clause, among other causes. Recently, the Supreme Court and its criminal chamber have confirmed two convictions against him for this type of deception. One of them for keeping 13,000 euros from a woman who commissioned several lawsuits that were never launched. According to the Justice, Valladares kept the money “without carrying out any judicial procedure” but doing her usual deployment: going to court with her to request information and falsifying judicial documentation.

The “Hurricane Valladares”

As has learned, Court 11 in Madrid has just prosecuted Valladares for another deception of another client. In this case, on September 28, the judge in the case verified through a telephone call that Valladares “is in prison” in the Soto del Real prison, although he does not specify if it is a preventive confinement or if he is already serving a sentence. for any of its multiple unfavorable sentences.

It is a case in which the private prosecution, exercised by the lawyer Sergio Matamoros, asks for 13 years in prison for him, and in which the Prosecutor’s Office requests three years in prison. According to the account of the accusations, the victim hired Valladares as a lawyer to take a lawsuit with a former partner, and counted on him because of the friendly relationship that her partner had with the lawyer’s partner at the time. A relationship of trust and a “blind trust” that the lawyer, according to the victim, “did not hesitate to take advantage of to obtain illicit benefit” chaining “lie after lie and falsehood/forgery after falsehood/forgery.”

According to the accusation, Valladares pretended to be the lawyer of the opposing party in the lawsuit or even got several people to pay him money to pay the same prosecutor, money that he kept for himself. He did so, according to the indictment, by falsifying court documents, as in other previous cases. His victim was reported by one of the lawyers he had posed as. What the attorney for the accusation defines as the “Hurricane Valladares”.