Monday, December 4

VIDEO | A chimpanzee escapes from the Kharkov zoo and returns by bicycle ‘convinced’ by the employees

Chichi, a chimpanzee from the Kharkov zoo, escaped from the center on Monday and returned shortly after thanks to the work of its employees to recover it. A video shows how the chimpanzee returns mounted on a bicycle pushed by three zoo workers. Earlier, the chimpanzee had agreed to wear the jacket of one of the employees.

Zoo director Oleksiy Hryhoriev has confirmed to Ukrainian media that Chichi is fine. The chimpanzee was evacuated from the Feldman Ecopark, outside Kharkov, in the first months of the war. More than 100 animals in this center died from the bombing before being evacuated, according to Alexander Feldman, owner of the Feldman Ecopark and a Ukrainian deputy.

During the evacuation process, a 15-year-old minor who worked as a volunteer He died from the attacks of the Russian forces, as documented by a journalist from the German media outlet Bild. Two other zoo workers were found executed in the center’s toilets. According to Feldman, six volunteers were killed in the attacks while trying to evacuate the animals.

Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine, is close to the Russian border and has been under constant attack by Russian forces. The region’s governor, Oleh Synehubov, has informed this Tuesday of an attack Russian in which three civilians have died.

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