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VIDEO | A Vox deputy says that the natural environment of motherhood is the “heterosexual union” and that the State should encourage it

The deputy of Vox Lourdes Méndez Monasterio charged this Wednesday against a congressional proposal so that couples of women do not have to be married to register as mothers: “The natural filiation area is the heterosexual union and that area is the that must be promoted from the State “.

Méndez has pronounced these words in an intervention in the Equality Commission, during the debate of a Proposition not of Law to suppress the administrative requirement that forces couples of women to be married in order “to be able to register those born as children of both mothers “.

“With this initiative they go further: what you want is that there is a link of filiation that has nothing to do with childbirth or with any biological fact,” protested the parliamentarian, who has also warned of the danger, in her opinion , that “a child in a fictitious way is considered someone’s child based on relationships that may be temporary.” “They can harm you a lot throughout your life. It is a real nonsense,” he has settled on the NLP that the Socialist Group has brought to Congress.

Thus, he has accused the PSOE of “attempting against the interest of the minor.” “I know they only care about women,” he has finished.

It is not the first time that the deputy for Murcia stars in an outburst in that same Commission. On May 25, he refused to observe a minute of silence proposed by the president of the court, Pilar Cancela, to pay tribute to the victims of sexist violence.

“I would like this minute of silence that we are going to do to be done for all the people who have been murdered and for all the homicides that have occurred in this time with that terrible …”, claimed at that time the deputy of Vox , in line with the strategy of the far-right party to deny the sexist violence suffered by women. “Well, I’m very sorry, but the objective of this minute of silence is what I said …”, Cancela answered bluntly, who a few moments before had pointed out that “gestures are important” although she admitted that “with this we are not going to resolve the underlying issue “.

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