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VIDEO | An old man from a Madrid residence breaks down crying in the Assembly: “They treat us with kicks”

Tomás Plaza attended this Thursday the plenary session of the Madrid Assembly from the guest gallery. He is 82 years old and has lived in the Peñuelas de la Comunidad residence, together with his wife, who is his dependent, since October of last year. Since he arrived, he says, he hasn’t stopped suffering from her, or seeing her suffer. “I have seen her full of poop up to her nose, no one pays attention to that. So many things, so many things…”, he lamented.

The Justice confirms several sanctions to a company linked to Ulibarri for its poor management of residences in Madrid

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His story has been brought to the microphone of the regional chamber by the socialist deputy Lorena Morales, who has addressed the Minister of Family, Youth and Social Policy, Concepción Dancausa: “Tomás survives in one of his concerted residences, which we pay with our taxes but that you have handed over to the vulture funds so that they make cash”.

This is not the first time that the story of Tomás has been heard in the regional Chamber. Already in May, Morales herself read a letter from the man to the council before the rest of the deputies. “They give them misery to eat, they go hungry”, the socialist deputy has disfigured Dancausa, while she showed from the lectern photographs of the menus that are distributed in some residences of the Community. “Do you think it’s worthy? I encourage you to eat this today”, she has waited for him. “I have not eaten a single day, because that is not edible. You throw that at a herd of pigs and they run away terrified”, Tomás accused.

In the same intervention, Morales has read part of a letter that the general director of care for the elderly and the dependency sent to Plaza. In it, he urged him to “correct his behavior as soon as possible and put an end to the situations of violence and misbehavior that originated”, he warns him with “temporary transfer or definitive expulsion” and reminds him that “he can request transfer to a private place in the residence that best suits your needs and in which you can place your trust”. “Instead of intervening, you warn the elderly that they can be expelled,” lamented the socialist.

“My behavior has been nothing more than protesting everything bad that I have seen”, said Tomás when leaving the plenary session. “Without asking me or anything, I am to blame because the company says so,” he says ironically. “We are people, we are not junk. They treat us with kicks, there is no consideration, ”he laments.

The Peñuelas residence is one of the four for which the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid confirmed various sanctions imposed by the Community on the management company Aralia Servicios Sociosanitarios. The administration has already awarded those of Leganés, Ventilla and Ensanche de Vallecas to other companies but in this case the contract remains in force until next January, when the ministry plans to tender a new contract.

“Mariano Turégano or Tomás have given a voice to older people who can no longer,” Morales defended, accusing the Ayuso government of promoting a “dehumanized” system and of being “portrayed” because “the first ones who presented his bill for social services has been to businessmen”. The case of Turégano has come to light this week, after the 82-year-old man reported the conditions in which the elderly of the Moscatelares Residence and Day Center are found, in San Sebastián de los Reyes, and It depends on the Community.

Tomás burst into tears when Morales asked the Assembly for “applause for him and for the elderly, especially those who are in residences.”

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