Wednesday, January 19

Video Game Company Embracer Group Buys Dark Horse Comics | Digital Trends Spanish

Embracer Group, the Nordic gaming giant that also owns Gearbox Software, THQ Nordic and Deep Silver, has announced a new acquisition. But this time, it is not a company related to interactive entertainment -not at least directly-, but to the world of comics: Dark Horse Comics.

Dark Horse Comics is the third largest comic book house in the world and has among its names: The Mask, Hellboy Y Umbrella Academy, among others. It is true that it does not have the reach of Marvel or DC Comics, but its more than 300 intellectual properties are enough for the Embracer Group to have an interest in taking over the entire portfolio.

It’s a statement, Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson said that this will be an exciting new chapter in the company’s history and that it opens up many possibilities for Embracer forward. And perhaps especially because some of the Dark Horse names could well be adapted to a medium such as video games, in which Embracer already has a very large reach.

The price of this agreement was not disclosed for “commercial reasons”, but it was indicated that 80 percent of the shares were acquired from a Chinese controller, while the remaining 20 percent were purchased from Mike Richardson and Neil Hankerson. CEO and COO of Dark Horse, respectively.

Embracer Group may not be the most recognized name in the world of video games, but in recent years they have made headlines for a string of major purchases and acquisitions. To start with, they were the ones who got the remnants of the original THQ that went bankrupt almost a decade ago, but since then they have also taken over Koch Media, Deep Silver, Gearbox Software (the creators of Borderlands) and Perfect World.

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