Saturday, September 18

VIDEO | Lightning leaves Belmontejo (Cuenca) without electricity and without water

Lightning left the town of Belmontejo, in Cuenca, without electricity or water throughout the night. The light has returned around 10:30 this morning, confirms Councilor Elena Carrasco, who has appreciated Iberdrola’s quick action, but the municipality is still without water. They have not had to regret material or personal damage, has assured the mayor.

Video of Diego Melero, provided by Life Cuenca.

The 112 Castilla-La Mancha service explains that it was first thing in the morning when the town reported the problems that were generated in the power lines. “Without electricity, without water, without telephony,” explained Carrasco, who is also vice president of the provincial council. The situation has also affected the neighboring town of San Lorenzo de la Parrilla.

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