Friday, January 28

Video: Procon SP opens war against bitcoin company that stopped paying customers | Bitcoin Portal

São Paulo’s Procon will sue MSK Invest and its partners in the criminal and administrative field. The information was released this Wednesday (22) by the president of the organization, Fernando Capez.

MSK Invest is a company that claimed to operate in the cryptocurrency market and promised profits of up to 5%. Last week it announced it would stop paying customers.

On Wednesday, the president of Procon received the lawyer representing part of the company’s creditors and said that the consumer protection entity “goes up in the criminal and administrative field of the MSK company and its partners as well.”

“The company [MSK] deceived several investors by promising interest rates of 2% to 5% on Bitcoin investment. And guess what? He didn’t pay anyone,” said the prosecutor on video.

Capez told MSK customers to fill in between this Wednesday and Thursday (23) the claim form.

Caso MSK Invest

On Monday (20) the São Paulo Court ordered the blocking of R$ 100,000 from the company MSK Invest. The decision was made by Judge Fábio Henrique Falcone Garcia, who was very explicit in talking about the company’s announcement that one of the reasons for stopping paying customers is due to legal uncertainty in the face of the advance of Bill 2302/15 in the Chamber of the Deputies.

The magistrate affirms that the company’s posture is an indication of bad faith and an attempt to not comply with the contracts.

“The letter about the cancellation, imposing conditions dissociated from the negotiation for reimbursement of the amount invested, combined with the false justification based on a bill that has not yet been approved, suggests a deception aimed at avoiding compliance with obligations and a complicated financial situation, indicating a risk of serious damage to the applicant,” said the judge.

Judge Luiz Antonio Carrer said that there are signs that MSK Invest, a company that claimed to operate with cryptocurrencies, is a financial pyramid and that the same use of CNPJs is actually the practice of a financial coup.

The magistrate also accepted an injunction from a client and ordered the blocking of money in the company’s account.

“There are indications of fraud in the contract signed between the frauds, which indicates a case of “pyramid”, justifying the urgency of the measure, as the defendant announced that it will no longer act, without the prospect of returning the large amount invested by the plaintiff”, he says the judge.

In addition, the judge points out that the same CNPJ is used by MSK Invest and a company called SOMPI Seguros, and that this indicates “financial coup”.