Tuesday, October 4

Video: Samsung teased the launch of the iPhone 14 | Digital Trends Spanish

right on the day that Apple made its Far Out 2022 eventwhere he showed the iPhone 14, Samsung brought out his artillery of irony with a video where he makes fun of those from Cupertino.

In the recording, a girl tells her group of friends that she does not change her iPhone at all, while another of the young women holds a Galaxy Z Flip 4.

What comes next is pure trolling delight: the girl starts seeing the Galaxy Z Flip 4 everywhere. While the nightmares give him no choice but to acquire one.

Previously, on September 1 to be exact, Samsung released another ad promoting the innovative features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Z Flip 4, hinting that these would be included in the iPhone 14. However, it is topped off with this sentence: “They won’t come to a nearby iPhone” because they are already available on similarly priced Samsung devices.

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