Sunday, October 2

VIDEO | The poet María Ángeles Pérez López: “Writing is like going down the mine to search in the dark”

His grandfather was a miner and he has always imagined that writing, since he started doing it, is like “going down the mine to search in the dark”. It is one of the reflections that the poet María Ángeles Pérez López has shared in an interview with de Castilla-La Mancha on the occasion of her participation in the Voix Vives International Poetry Festival and from the courtyard of the Obrador Masa Madre de Toledo:

María Ángeles Pérez López, a native of Valladolid, is a full professor of Hispano-American Literature at the University of Salamanca and her activity as a poet since 1997 has brought her to the forefront of contemporary Spanish poetry. She is the author of several award-winning books translated into other languages, including ‘La sola materia’, ‘Carnidad del frio’ or ‘Incendio mineral’, which received the National Critics Award this year.