Friday, September 17

VIDEO | The singer-songwriter and poet Ángel Petisme: “If we enter the ‘all for free’ with culture, so should the light”

“If we enter the ‘all free’ in culture, so should the light.” It is one of the reflections that the Aragonese singer-songwriter and poet Ángel Petisme has made on the occasion of the live interview with from Casilla-La Mancha and his participation in the Voix Vives International Poetry Festival in Toledo. Based on his own experience and after reviewing his beginnings as a writer and musician, Petisme has commented on the need to defend freedom of expression and to continue fighting for the civic values ​​of Spanish democracy against the extreme right, while making a appeal to freedom and literary creation.

Ángel Petisme is a musician, composer, writer, and poet with an abundant and varied work. It has been included in poetry anthologies, among which the one of “Postnovísimos” stands out, within the trend called “rock sensibility”. His poems have been translated into several languages ​​(Italian, French, English, Czech, Arabic, Bulgarian, German and Russian), having collaborated as a columnist in different radio and press media and with an extensive curriculum of recitals and concerts in European cities. , East and America.

After the interview, he also gave a live recital with some unpublished poems of a strong social character:

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