Saturday, July 31

VIDEO | This is how the PP maneuvered to create the university of Abanca when it lacked deputies to win the parliamentary vote

The president of the Galician Parliament and deputy of the Popular Party, Miguel Ángel Santalices, paralyzed the vote on the law that allows creating the first Galician university owned by an Abanca until the PP managed to find enough deputies to win the vote. It happened last Tuesday in the early afternoon. If the vote had taken place at the time it was due, the PP would have lost and the bank would have to wait to launch its disputed educational project.

The PP alone approves the law that creates the first Galician university owned by a bank

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The regulations of the Galician parliament stipulate that the president of the chamber is the one who has the powers to direct the debates, but in its article 85 it clarifies that “voting may not be interrupted for any reason.” The opposition protest was immediate, as can be seen in the video that accompanies this information. The pause imposed by Santalices allowed the PP to win the vote by a single vote of difference.

The university project promoted by Abanca has counted on reports against the Consultative Council of Galicia and the Galician Council of Universities. The PP has decided to turn a deaf ear to these criticisms, as well as to the opposition’s amendments that asked for more money for scholarships in the bank’s plan

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