Sunday, March 26

VIDEO | Ukrainian citizens free an elderly man trapped in his car after being run over by a tank

A Russian tank has run over the vehicle driven by a Ukrainian civilian on a road in the Obolon district, north of Kiev. The impressive images began to circulate on social networks and have subsequently been verified by various media, among others the British channel Sky News or the newspaper The Independent.

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The video shows how the tank crosses the road and runs over the car, leaving it completely crushed. In later images, it is seen how several civilians try to help the driver, an elderly man, to get out of the vehicle in which he had been trapped.

Viktor Berbash, a resident of the neighborhood, explained to the AFP agency that he witnessed the events from his balcony. In statements to the agency he has assured that he believed that the movement of the tank had been intentional.

“Two armored vehicles were driving down the road, and the second one deliberately entered the lane.” new and moved on.

The civilian trapped in the vehicle was successfully rescued, although seriously injured after being run over.